The Best Champagnes for the Holidays

Don’t know what bottle to bring to your next holiday party? We’ve got you covered.

December is officially Champagne month! (Okay, not officially, but it should be.) But deciding on a bottle of bubbly isn’t always easy. That’s why the VIP family has been hard at work taste-testing the best bottles for all occasions.  

Whether you’re looking for something to serve alongside heavenly holiday cheeses or as a gift for the Champagne lover in your life, here you’ll find everything from your crowd-pleaser to your jaw-dropper. Let us know your favorite holiday Champagne in the comments!

Each U.S. shop I link to below ships to eligible states nationwide.

Billecart-Salmon hanging with a Champagne rosé and a sparkling wine from the Loire

The Crowd Pleaser: Billecart-Salmon Brut Réserve NV

An absolute favorite among champagne connoisseurs, the Billecart-Salmon Brut Réserve is guaranteed to please a diverse crowd. With a mix of pinot meunier, pinot noir, and chardonnay grapes picked from the best Premier Cru parcels in Champagne, there’s a reason the major wine reviewers give this bottle over 90 points across the board. 

She’s got an elegant pale straw color, fine bubbles, and a crisp finish. A Champagne of pure refinement! And one of the few boutique Champagnes widely available in the States.

Where to buy Billecart-Salmon in the U.S.

Go to a wine shop that sells fine French wines. Heights Chateau in Brooklyn has bottles for $48.99 (bonus free bike delivery if you live nearby).

Where to buy Billecart-Salmon in Paris

Try any Paris wine shop with a decent Champagne selection, like Cave du Sénat wine shop in Paris 6e. They have sister shops around the city.


Best Value: Rémy Massin & fils Blanc de Noirs Brut Nature NV

If you’re looking for a good value grower Champagne, go for this zero dosage Champagne from father-sons team Rémy Massin et fils. This is pure mineral goodness with a round body from 100 percent pinot grapes.

Not well-known in the States (yet), Rémy Massin is on the Champagne list at in-the-know Paris bistros. 

Where to buy Rémy Massin in the U.S.

Order from wine-delivery specialists First Bottle – the team behind the hit wine-a-day website Last Bottle – for $39.95.

Where to buy Rémy Massin in Paris

Stop by Frenchie Caviste, a Paris wine shop with a phenomenally interesting selection of small wine producers and natural wines. From the team behind nearby Frenchie Restaurant. 


Pink Lady: Veuve Fourny & fils Premier Cru Brut Rosé NV

This blush-colored wine is a stunner. Chardonnay and pinot noir blend into perfectly balanced tartness. Think ripe strawberries with a refreshing, delicate mousse and subtle sweetness. She is here to bring you back to life! 

Thank the Fourny family, 5th-generation winemakers who use the best Premier Cru territory in the revered Côte des Blancs region. This is a sustainable Champagne, which is rare.

Where to buy Veuve Fourny in the U.S.

Online shop Eno Fine Wine will ship to you at $47.99 per bottle

Where to buy Veuve Fourny in Paris

Les Caves NYSA wine shop in Paris sells Veuve Fourny. With 41 locations around the city and the Paris region, you’ll have no problem finding this one.


Utterly Unique: Champagne Tarlant Cuvée Louis NV

Looking for an unforgettable Champagne? Get your hands on this standout from Champagne Tarlant, a family-owned Champagne house since 1687. The Tarlant family spent 15 years aging an assemblage of chardonnay and pinot noir grapes picked in 1998, ’99, and 2000.

The result is one of the most unique grower Champagnes out there. Cuvée Louis is complex and creamy, with a caramel-like texture, honey color, and toasty flavors reminiscent of whiskey. One VIP taste-tester said it reminded her of foie gras. No surprise that this gets 93 points from Robert Parker.

As with any long-aged Champagne, her effervescence has dissipated into a subtle sparkle. The Tarlants recommend decanting in order to flatten out the remaining bubbles, leaving behind the wine’s essential Champagne flavors. But I prefer to hold on to that last fizz, so I opened and drank straight away.

Where to buy Champagne Tarlant in the U.S.

Available online at First Bottle for $77.95

Where to buy Champagne Tarlant in Paris

Frenchie Caviste sells this for 79€. You can find it online for less, though the chance to swing by Frenchie and chat with their sommelier Aurélien is worth the price difference.

Leftovers from a VIP tasting of small-production Champagnes and sparkling wines

The Jaw-Dropper: Barons de Rothschild Blanc de Blancs NV

This pure chardonnay Champagne has super minerality, with a pronounced saltiness and distinct taste of the terroir. She’s softened by citrus and white fruit notes, while super-light bubbles add brightness and finesse.

If you’re looking for a Champagne to indulge, you’ve found your pick. The Ritz Paris Champagne menu features an exclusive Réserve bottle, as does the Ritz London. One sip and you’ll feel like Coco Chanel herself – without the unfortunate Nazi thing. 

Where to buy Barons de Rothschild in the U.S.

Washington, D.C.’s Calvert Woodley wine shop sells this for $79.99, which is a steal considering the average price is $110.

Where to buy Barons de Rothschild in Paris

If you’re in Paris, treat yourself with teatime at the Ritz Bar Vendôme. Even a glass will set you back a stack of euros, but the experience is divine.

Note on links: VIP is not affiliated with any of the places listed above. I’ve carefully selected each shop based on accessibility, price, and website functionality. This is all about getting you the best products at the best prices, in the most convenient way possible. 

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