Founder’s Story

VIP founder Veronica Cassidy is a food writer, historian, and Paris insider. With an International Baccalaureate and a Master’s degree focused in French intellectual history, years working as an historian, and time spent visiting farms and restaurants across 40 countries, Veronica brings a depth of knowledge that sets her foodie articles and experiences apart.

Since self-publishing a cookbook at 15 years old, Veronica has embodied passion for food and wine. She spends much of her time visiting and interviewing leading French food artisans. The relationships she has with them allows VIP readers and clients intimate access to the people behind France’s famed food culture.

Raised in Washington, D.C., Veronica grew up in a school with an immersive French program. Her grandfather, General Cassidy, lived in France as he helped with the reconstruction post World War II, and her grandmother was a renowned hostess who passed down her love for French entertaining.

Today, Veronica lives in the Latin Quarter with her French fiancé, two bulldogs, and a big, fluffy cat.

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